About Us.

Vision Africa Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based mission organization whose purpose is to“Share God’s Love” with the African people.


Actual, unrehearsed testimonials from the people of Nigeria about what Vision Africa Radio, Love 104.1 FM, has done for them.

Donate Now.

Vision Africa and its ministries receive substantial support from individual donations.  We have two major fundraising events each year.

Our Purpose.

Vision Africa’s mission is to share God’s love throughout the African continent. This love is expressed through a ministry that seeks to heal body, mind and soul. Vision Africa builds the capacity of native Africans to solve the problems of their own communities. Our aim is to create a thriving native ministry that will provide needed outreach to people in all countries of the world’s second largest continent. Here are some of our focal ministries:

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Churches Planted

20 Million

Potential Radio Listeners

200 Bibles

Given Out This Year