This month, your $30 donation puts a “Missionary” on the field for life!

The ImpaX Player is a solar-powered radio tuned specifically to Vision Africa’s radio station (Love 104.3). Better yet, the player also serves as an Audio Bible with additional messages from Bishop Sunday.

Since we are in the middle of our $135,000 matching campaign, each $30 that you donate will fund TWO ImpaX Players!

Listen to this recent Vision Africa promo done by our friends at KCBI:

How many of these “missionaries” will you send?

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Your Part in Vision Africa’s Year-End Campaign:

Through a generous matching gift challenge, we have the opportunity now to raise up to $270,000 during the last two months of 2018. Your financial gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $135,000.

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Love KCBI? So do we!

For many years, KCBI has been a faithful partner in the work of Vision Africa. Not only does KCBI help spread the word of how the Lord is using Vision Africa…. They have been faithful in lending their technical expertise to our radio station: Vision Africa Radio (Love – 104.1 FM), broadcasting from Umuahia, Nigeria. CLICK HERE to listen to Love – 104.1 FM via the Internet.

Here’s a sample of KCBI’s generosity to Vision Africa in 2018:

Thanks to KCBI for helping us get the word out about this opportunity. Here’s what KCBI has to say about Vision Africa:

Vision Africa is a thriving ministry in Nigeria that plants churches, runs medical clinics and operates a radio station that reaches up to 25 million people, many of whom are Muslim, all sharing God’s love.  You can help share God’s love with the Nigerian people.  130 self-sustaining churches have been planted in the last 21 years.   Vision Africa seeks to go where no one else will in Nigeria by distributing solar radio’s.    KCBI considers Vision Africa radio a sister station.