Thank You To All Our Golfers and Sponsors

The Vision Africa 2015 Golf Marathon started with the initial golfers gathering at 11:30 a.m. on May 6 for registration, lunch, and this group picture

Chuck Anderson and Tom Leiser were our “Kings” of the Golf Marathon as they each completed 100 holes in our Golf Marathon (instead of 100 holes as a team).  Tom was quoted as saying “Once again, I was able to demonstrate my superior interest in the environment by exploring much more nature than Chuck did.”  And Tom bragged “I did break 600…..barely!!!”     

Tom Leiser and Chuck Anderson Ready to Tee Off at Vision Africa 2015 Golf Marathon

Chuck Anderson and Tom Leiser are Ready to Tee-Off on Their 1st of 200 Combined Holes of Golf

Amazingly, the first group landed all 12 of their golf balls within easy putting range of the first hole!!

First Group Ready to play several balls on first green

First Group Ready to Putt Several Balls on First Green


Sand Trap Pic

Greg Barnes Shows Off his Sand Trap Skills


Long Distance Putting

Dr. Jim Sackett Shows Us Some Expert Long Distance Putting


Jim Shute and Friends

Jim Sackett, Rick Tubb and Michael Aikens Enjoying the Post Game Tex-Mex Dinner


Snack Chicks

Thank Goodness for the Snack Chicks (Beth Ross and Ugonna Onuoha)!


Steven Ross and Friends

Steven Ross with Jerry Davis, Dr Tom McDougal  and George Gunn


Two Vision Africa Golfers

Fearsome Twosome



Jack Cleaveland and Friends

Jack Cleaveland with Max Tucker and Bruce Gray  (Jack is on the IR list, so we only let him drive the golf cart for 100 holes!)



Marlin Wilson - Post Game Dinner

Marlin Wilson with Jeff Fulton and Allen Van Valkenburg