Congratulations on a Successful 20th Anniversary Gala

Former First Lady Laura Bush, former Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo help Vision Africa celebrate 20 years of ministry, anticipate the next 20.

A late-night broadcast on our radio station in southeast Nigeria saved a listener named Gikson from committing suicide last summer. He told us that the program seemed to speak to him directly. God has worked miraculously through Vision Africa over the last two decades in the lives of countless listeners like Gikson. But his story couldn’t have been told — and millions of lives couldn’t have been impacted — if it weren’t for the supporters and visionaries God has used for 20 years to build this remarkable ministry.

We’re looking ahead with great anticipation — and vision — to the next 20 years, but first we took some time recently to celebrate all that God has done for Vision Africa.

The Vision Africa twentieth anniversary celebration took place in Dallas, TX on October 18th and 19th. The events included a banquet with former First Lady Laura Bush at the George W. Bush Institute and a visit with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, at a private reception. Both leaders spoke candidly about the spread of democracy, the fight against terrorism, health care in developing countries and, of course, the vision of Bishop Dr. Sunday Onouha and the importance of the ministry he founded. Both events were full of enthusiastic supporters and sponsors that believe in the mission of Vision Africa.

Today the radio station reaches a geographic region of more than 22 million people. While radio broadcast is a vital part of our ministry, we have also planted 131 churches, served more than 700,000 people through medical missions, provided thousands of Bibles to new pastors, trained leaders, and led peace-and-reconciliation efforts that have been recognized by the Global Peace Foundation as well as other organizations around the world.

But we sense that God has more for us to do. During our recent celebrations, Bishop Sunday outlined ambitious plans for Vision Africa’s future, including launching a radio station in Lagos — one of the largest cities in Africa. Lagos does not have a full-time Christian radio station, and we feel strongly that this is a strategic opportunity to advance God’s Kingdom in one of the continent’s most influential cities. More immediate plans include streaming our current programming online.

We’re grateful for 20 years of ministry and excited about our future. Won’t you join us as we continue to seek God and pursue ministry in this important region?

Thanks to our sponsors who made the night a great success!

The Ginger Murchison Foundation

Chuck and Kim Anderson
Pryor and Sue Blackwell
Pat and Jane Bolin Family Foundation
Mark and Jane Gibson
Bob and Dana Howard
Tom and Phyllis Leiser
Ray and Denise Nixon
Teddy Peinado
Bill and Mimi Vanderstraaten

Dr. Bobbie Baxter
Bill Pickens, Jr.

Speaker of House:
Mark and Peggy Andrews
Aaron and Kimberly Graft
Veritex Bank

Jeanie Beasley
Ed and Betty Bowman Foundation
Frost Bank
Graham and Brenda Gardner
Grant and Jill Henderson
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Gary and Shauna Redwine
Rosewood Properties
Thackeray Partners
Bob & Missy Townsend

A Prayer of Thanks

This prayer, offered by Board Chairman Tom Leiser at our 20th anniversary gala, reflects our unceasing reliance on God’s provision for the work He allows us to do at Vision Africa.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

We thank you for your presence here this evening. We are grateful to have had the former First Lady Laura Bush. We ask that you continue to bless and use both she and President Bush. We give you thanks for all of the many volunteers that made this evening possible and ask that you bless them.

We give thanks for the blessings that you have bestowed upon Vision Africa over these 20 years. Finally, we give praise to you for the hedge of protection that you have placed around Bishop Sunday and our staff in Nigeria. Jesus, you told us that the 2nd greatest commandment is to love our neighbors as ourselves. We pray that all of the efforts of Vision Africa embody this command.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. We give thanks for the investment in Vision Africa made by the sponsors and all attending this celebration. We ask your blessings on the Vision Africa ministry, and that you provide wisdom to the Board of Vision Africa that we will be good stewards with these treasures.

Father, in some respects, this evening is a little like the first Pentecost. Instead of allowing us to speak in many tongues, Holy Spirit you have allowed Vision Africa to pour into our hearts through many different love languages of activities.

The radio ministry in southeast Nigeria spoke to some hearts about encouragement and we pray that as the apostle Paul exhorted us in his letter to the Thessalonians that the radio station continues to encourage one another and build one another up. The Gospel of Peter tells us to love each other deeply and that each of us should use our gifts to serve others as faithful servants of God’s grace in its various forms. We pray that Vision Africa is doing just that Father and that we will continue to do so.

To others here tonight, the humanitarian efforts associated with our medical missions which have treated nearly three-quarters of a million people for free in Nigeria spoke to our hearts. Lord Jesus, we all know that your miracles often first addressed people’s physical needs before you addressed their spiritual needs. Father, we pray that by first meeting the physical needs of the people in Nigeria and demonstrating your love, we are helping to prepare their hearts so that Vision Africa, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, may then meet their spiritual needs.

Others of us had our hearts stirred over the 130 successful church plants that have been made in the name of Jesus throughout southeast Nigeria. Father, we pray that you will continue to use Vision Africa to build your church.

Holy Spirit you spoke to others who have a passion for the study bibles that Vision Africa has provided for the new pastors who have never owned a bible before. We know that all of scripture is God breathed and has been inspired by you, Holy Spirit. We pray that these bibles will become an important resource for these pastors to share your word throughout Nigeria.

Still others of us here Father have been spoken to by the significance of the Peace and Reconciliation effects of Vision Africa. As Paul said in his letter to Romans, “In our sinful state, we are enemies of God; but, God demonstrated his love toward us that while we were still sinners Christ died for us and because of Christ’s sacrifice we are restored to a relationship of peace with you Father.” We look forward to the day when Jesus returns and reigns over the entire world as the Prince of Peace.

Father, we pray that you will guide our every thought, our every word and our every action with respect to your vision for the first Christian Radio Station in Lagos, a city which is estimated to grow to 40 million people by 2030. We pray that your hand will guide the creation of our social media platform so that we may be your ambassadors. Jesus, you could not have given us more clear direction than you did with your final words on this earth when you gave us the great commission, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. We pray that these new initiates in Lagos will allow us to make new disciples of millions of Nigerians who do not know you.

Father, we thank you for our salvation and for this opportunity to walk alongside you in sharing your love with the people of Nigeria. We pray this entire evening has brought glory to you.

Finally, we pray that all in attendance here one day will hear the words, “Well done my good and faithful servant”.

In the saving name of Jesus Christ. AMEN