Vision Africa Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based mission organization whose purpose is to “Share God’s Love” with the African people.  Primarily in Nigeria, the most densely populated country in Africa (more than 178 million), Vision Africa empowers Africans through Faith-Based Education, Leadership and Community Service radio broadcasts, medical missions, evangelism, church plants, bibles for pastors, disease prevention including Ebola, AIDS, malaria and polio, leadership development, and peace and reconciliation.  All of these mission activities are managed in part through our Dallas Board of Directors and Executive Director, and U.S. fundraising provides close to 100% of the funds necessary to make all these areas of ministry possible.

Established in 1997, Vision Africa began with Billy Graham-style crusades.

  • 126 churches have been planted, each with a crusade and a medical mission.
  • Well over 500,000 people have been directly helped through medical missions.
  • In 2005 Vision Africa partnered with leading U.S. Christian radio station KSBJ to establish LOVE 104.1 FM a Community Service, Education, Health and Leadership radio station in government-controlled Nigeria where radio options are very limited.
  • From 2008 to 2011, establishing, developing, expanding, and growing Vision Africa Radio took the great majority of our time, attention and resources. In 2011 the non-profit organization Towers for Jesus coordinated 7 volunteers in the radio tower industry to travel to Nigeria for 6 to 10 weeks to construct a new 500-foot tower of our own and install an aggressive upgrade to the strength of the radio station.  This increased the signal strength 30 times from 1.5KW ERP to 50 KW ERP (in layman’s terms, that is a 50,000 Watt Radio Signal).
  • The station now reaches a population of more than 20 million with its strong signal. Broadcast times have steadily increased and as of July 2013, LOVE 104.1 has been broadcasting 24/7!!

In 2008, through the work of former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State to the Embassies of Africa, Tom Woods, Vision Africa received a U.S. Government grant for AIDS prevention and treatment.  Over a three-year period 9,000 people living with HIV/AIDS were cared for, including medicine donated to pregnant women with AIDS that prevented transmission of their disease to their babies!

Since June of 2009, Vision Africa’s Founder and President, Bishop Dr. Sunday Onuoha, has directed the newly formed Nigerian Interfaith Action Association (NIFAA), acting as its Executive Director.  NIFAA is putting its mark on what has been broadly described as the largest Christian/Muslim collaboration in the history of the world, as the entire religious sector comes together to focus on Nigeria’s fight against malaria.  Nigeria is the largest African nation by population (at over 178 million, this is more than half the population of the United States in just little Nigeria) and almost one-fifth of population of the entire continent of Africa resides in Nigeria.  25% of the malaria cases in Africa are in Nigeria, where because of the enormity of the problem the United Nations gave $1.2 billion USD to Nigeria in its fight against malaria.  On December 10, 2009, UN Special Envoy for Malaria, Ray Chambers, joined Bishop Sunday in Abuja, Nigeria as faith leaders from all over Nigeria converged to learn about their role in stopping malaria.  Likewise in February of 2010, Tony Blair met with the leaders for the same purposeThrough Vision Africa initiatives, faith leaders are educated on how to give sermons to change behavior to prevent malaria.  Then, state by state, intensive training and distribution of bed nets is occurring.  Recent surveys have shown a 100% increase in bed net usage in thoroughly prepared and educated states in which NIFAA is working to provide two nets per family.  All this is to curb the 1,000 children dying each day in Nigeria from malaria, a preventable and curable disease.  In 2011 Bishop Sunday Onuoha’s picture was unveiled in the lobby of the United Nations as a World Champion in the fight against malaria.

Vision Africa Ministries Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization    ( EIN# 75-2819939 )