Vision Africa Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based mission organization whose purpose is to “Share God’s Love” with the African people.  Primarily in Nigeria, the most densely populated country in Africa (more than 178 million), Vision Africa empowers Africans through Faith-Based Education, Leadership and Community Service radio broadcasts, medical missions, evangelism, church plants, bibles for pastors, disease prevention including Ebola, AIDS, malaria and polio, leadership development, and peace and reconciliation.  All of these mission activities are managed in part through our Dallas Board of Directors and Executive Director, and U.S. fundraising provides close to 100% of the funds necessary to make all these areas of ministry possible.

Established in 1997, Vision Africa began with Billy Graham-style crusades.

  • 126 churches have been planted, each with a crusade and a medical mission.
  • Well over 500,000 people have been directly helped through medical missions.
  • In 2005 Vision Africa partnered with leading U.S. Christian radio station KSBJ to establish LOVE 104.1 FM a Community Service, Education, Health and Leadership radio station in government-controlled Nigeria where radio options are very limited.
  • From 2008 to 2011, establishing, developing, expanding, and growing Vision Africa Radio took the great majority of our time, attention and resources. In 2011 the non-profit organization Towers for Jesus coordinated 7 volunteers in the radio tower industry to travel to Nigeria for 6 to 10 weeks to construct a new 500-foot tower of our own and install an aggressive upgrade to the strength of the radio station.  This increased the signal strength 30 times from 1.5KW ERP to 50 KW ERP (in layman’s terms, that is a 50,000 Watt Radio Signal).
  • The station now reaches a population of more than 20 million with its strong signal. Broadcast times have steadily increased and as of July 2013, LOVE 104.1 has been broadcasting 24/7!!

In 2008, through the work of former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State to the Embassies of Africa, Tom Woods, Vision Africa received a U.S. Government grant for AIDS prevention and treatment.  Over a three-year period 9,000 people living with HIV/AIDS were cared for, including medicine donated to pregnant women with AIDS that prevented transmission of their disease to their babies!

Since June of 2009, Vision Africa’s Founder and President, Bishop Dr. Sunday Onuoha, has directed the newly formed Nigerian Interfaith Action Association (NIFAA), acting as its Executive Director.  NIFAA is putting its mark on what has been broadly described as the largest Christian/Muslim collaboration in the history of the world, as the entire religious sector comes together to focus on Nigeria’s fight against malaria.  Nigeria is the largest African nation by population (at over 178 million, this is more than half the population of the United States in just little Nigeria) and almost one-fifth of population of the entire continent of Africa resides in Nigeria.  25% of the malaria cases in Africa are in Nigeria, where because of the enormity of the problem the United Nations gave $1.2 billion USD to Nigeria in its fight against malaria.  On December 10, 2009, UN Special Envoy for Malaria, Ray Chambers, joined Bishop Sunday in Abuja, Nigeria as faith leaders from all over Nigeria converged to learn about their role in stopping malaria.  Likewise in February of 2010, Tony Blair met with the leaders for the same purposeThrough Vision Africa initiatives, faith leaders are educated on how to give sermons to change behavior to prevent malaria.  Then, state by state, intensive training and distribution of bed nets is occurring.  Recent surveys have shown a 100% increase in bed net usage in thoroughly prepared and educated states in which NIFAA is working to provide two nets per family.  All this is to curb the 1,000 children dying each day in Nigeria from malaria, a preventable and curable disease.  In 2011 Bishop Sunday Onuoha’s picture was unveiled in the lobby of the United Nations as a World Champion in the fight against malaria.

From age 3 to 6 Sunday Onuoha suffered starvation and homelessness during the Nigerian Civil War where a million of his people died. Today because of his surrender and sacrifice to God, Bishop Sunday has been raised up as a world leader for collaborative faith initiatives designed to tackle broad problems throughout Nigeria (and other parts of Africa).  Amongst much more, he has spoken as key panelist at the George W. Bush Summit to Save Lives in Washington DC, as well as the Child Survival Event in 2012 with introduction by Hillary Clinton.  He has been interviewed on PBS Ideas in Action and most recently asked to be key panelist for the United Nations Saving One Million Lives in Nigeria.  In 2013 Bishop Sunday received the Global Peace Interfaith Leadership Award from the Global Peace Foundation for his efforts in advancing interfaith medical collaboration, humanitarian service and peace through Vision Africa and NIFAA.  Bishop Sunday is regularly asked to speak at, moderate and serve on panels of organizations or programs promoting world peace, including

  • Bishop Sunday recently spoke at and participated in a meeting of UNICEF, USAID and World Vision in Washington D.C. on how faith communities can effectively bring attention to the health needs of the people of the world
  • Bishop Sunday attended and spoke at the most recent Global Peace Leadership Forum in Belfast Ireland, the purpose of which was to look at how cross-community engagement and the role of faith leaders in conflict resolution can bring about Peace in Nigeria
  • Most recently, Bishop Sunday has been asked to moderate and speak at the World Bank co-hosted conference with USAID, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities on “Religion and Sustainable Development: Building Partnerships to End Extreme Poverty” in Washington D.C. on July 7-9, 2015

Below is a brief description of the six major initiatives upon which Vision Africa is focused.

Radio Ministry

Through Vision Africa Radio (Love – 104.1 FM) we share God’s Love with Faith-Based Education, Health, Community Service and Leadership broadcasting.  Vision Africa planned, constructed, developed and launched the radio station in order to bring the message of hope, healing, reconciliation and education to the people of Southeastern Nigeria. Many homes may not have television or daily newspapers, but they have radios.  Vision Africa Radio has been working to educate minds (especially young minds) in areas such as Ebola, HIV/AIDS, Polio and malaria awareness, prevention and treatment, family values, and the importance of education, as well as an emphasis on democracy, respect for others and social order.  Small, solar-powered radios are being distributed to thousands of individuals to enable people to listen to Vision Africa Radio.  Through the radio, young people have received media training and young talents have been encouraged to develop and air their talents.  Vision Africa Radio is training college students through the radio as a channel for practical experiences. Vision Africa is raising a new generation that will bring hope to the continent of Africa.  In 2013, in the 4th Annual Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards, our radio station in Umuahia Nigeria, Love 104.1 FM, was named Station of the Year in Southeast Nigeria. 

Vision Africa Radio is the hub around which all of our ministries revolve. Current efforts include:

  • Continued weekly U.S. management oversight of operations
  • Specific management, engineering, and technical consulting through 2-3 Radio Mission and Training Trips each year with volunteer media, radio management and engineering consultants
  • Continue the Upgrade of the Radio Station by connecting it to the internet so its signal and message can be broadcast to the world
  • Improve Quality of Facilities and Programming
  • Continued development of Management Departments, Sales Department, Budgets and Departmental Goals and Expectations
  • Continue Distributing Solar-Powered Radios
  • Continue Promoting Peace and Reconciliation Initiatives, Medical Missions, Crusades, and Revivals on the radio
  • Continue to broadcast the message of God’s Love 24/7!!

Medical Outreach

Prior to 2008 Vision Africa conducted three or more medical missions each year.  From 2009-2011, the development of Vision Africa Radio took the lion’s share of our resources and no medical missions were undertaken. Beginning in 2012, Vision Africa returned to its roots and began conducting medical missions again. Three medical missions were conducted in 2012, with 2-3 medical missions each year thereafter. At the start of 2015, we purchased and put into service our first Mobile Medical Vehicle. With the launch of our first Mobile Medical Vehicle, smaller more frequent Medical Missions into more remote areas of Nigeria became our goal.  Christian Outreach, Revivals and Crusades are conducted with most Medical Missions (although free medical care is for all). The needs in this area are so great we are praying to launch numerous mobile medical clinics this year so as to reach more rural areas.

Bibles For Pastors

Each year we purchase and distribute comprehensive and long-lasting, leather-bound Study Bibles to newly ordained pastors, at no charge to them.  Many of these new pastors do not have access to internet, libraries or any other books. Their study/concordance bible becomes their major (or only) source of materials and information for sermons and bible study.  In some villages, that bible might be the only reference book in the entire village.


Church Planting

Our goal is to plant churches closest to people’s homes and make it easy for families to have places of worship, and eliminate people walking miles in order to worship. New and Existing Churches are promoted on Vision Africa Radio.  Some pastors have programming or shows on the radio.  Through these efforts (often in conjunction with one of our crusades/revivals), we bring people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ or we further develop the faith of existing believers.  Many Nigerians are very, very poor and feel hopeless.  Many of them have nothing; they have lost or never had anything of value.  Often their faith is their only hope, their only consistent possession that cannot be lost nor taken away from them.  Subject to available funds, our goal is to plant 1-2 churches each year and continue promoting new and existing churches and their programming on Vision Africa Radio.


Leadership Development and Training

Through campus and young people fellowship, conferences and seminars, Vision Africa organizes leadership training for young people and those in leadership positions to create a healthy society.


Peace and Reconciliation

The gospel will suffer a major setback if there is no peace in Nigeria. One of the factors responsible for the spread of Christianity in the early church was the peace in the Roman Empire.  In a number of ways, Vision Africa supports Peace and Reconciliation efforts and programs throughout Nigeria.  Nigeria is a vibrant and complex country that enjoys growing opportunities for social and economic advancement.  Yet, like many underdeveloped and developing countries, it struggles with deeply seated tensions that plague the country’s peace and stability. These struggles offer Vision Africa rich opportunities to promote Peace and Reconciliation in a variety of forms.   Bishop Dr. Sunday Onuoha, President and founder of Vision Africa and Executive Director of the Nigerian Inter-Faith Action Association (NIFAA), is broadly respected as a leader with integrity and a dedicated servant of Peace and Reconciliation in Nigeria. Formerly an advisor to President Obasanjo and more recently selected from among the country’s top faith leaders to lead NIFAA, Bishop Onuoha actively unites Nigeria’s faith communities to pursue common goals that unify the country.  Now more than ever it is important that leaders like Bishop Onuoha and organizations like Vision Africa receive support, from both inside Nigeria and from the worldwide faith community.  Vision Africa and its Vision Africa Radio provide that support!


  • In 2013 Bishop Sunday received the Global Peace Interfaith Leadership Award from the Global Peace Foundation for his efforts in advancing interfaith medical collaboration, humanitarian service and peace through Vision Africa and NIFAA.
  • This is really significant – check out this recent article written by Bishop Sunday and published by the United Nations!!
    http://www.mdghealthenvoy.org/commentary-bishop-sunday-onuoha-on-faith-communities-role-in-improving-health/  .
    The UN does not publish just anyone’s article.  Don Jackson says “it is a phenomenally important thing for Vision Africa supporters to realize, that Sunday is now being used by the United Nations assembly as a global peacemaker!!”.
  • Just recently Bishop Sunday was called to meet with UNICEF, USAID and World Vision together as a small group in Washington D.C. to discuss how they could bring to the attention of various agencies the effectiveness of faith communities in addressing health needs. Bishop Sunday was invited to participate because he, Vision Africa and NIFAA are the poster boys of such effectiveness
  • And even more recently, about 40 delegates from all over the world converged in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for the Global Peace Leadership Forum, and Sunday was one of the delegates invited to attend and speak at the Forum. The purpose of the Forum was to look at how cross-community engagement and the role of faith leaders in conflict resolution could bring about Peace in Nigeria and other areas of conflict around the world (by being in Belfast, they hoped to draw upon and be inspired by the experiences that led to the end of violence in Northern Ireland in 1998). In their deliberations, they worked alongside Co-Operation Ireland, the Skainos Project, the Clonard Monastery and its Reconciliation Mission. Bishop Sunday and his program of promoting the use of mosquito nets by both Muslims and Christians in Nigeria (a program that even today saves the lives of over 300,000 people every year) was recognized as having keyed into the kind of “peace building” and relevant interfaith initiatives that leads to success.



Vision Africa Ministries Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization    ( EIN# 75-2819939 )