Agnes Onuoha Memorial Service (April 1, 2019)

The Agnes Onuoha Memorial Grace Clinic

A medical clinic will be established in the Nigerian home village of Bishop Sunday and his wife Rev. Ugonna Onuoha in memory of their daughter Agnes.

Agnes Onuoha (23), the first born child of Bishop Sunday and his wife Rev. Ugonna Onuoha, was welcomed into the arms of Jesus on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

Agnes was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and lived her life always with a smile on her face showing love to others. She attended Texas A&M before medical difficulties forced her to stay closer to her doctors. She enrolled at Dallas Baptist University where she found friends and support. The administration went to all lengths to accommodate her medical needs. She was named after Saint Agnes known for her devotion to God and purity and who is often referred to as the patron saint of young girls.

From a young age, Agnes Onuoha dealt with the pain and complications of Lupus. Agnes’ life was prolonged by the excellent care she received at Children’s Medical of Dallas and later at UT Southwestern in Dallas.

In an effort to honor her life, memory and the legacy of her family, a fully staffed Medical Clinic will be established in their Nigerian home village of Item. The clinic will operate at least once a week bringing staff and much needed medicine to a region where far too many children and people perish from common illnesses and childbirth simply because basic medicine and medical care is nonexistent. Last June alone, during a Vision Africa medical mission trip, over 350 village residents were seen in one day at a temporary medical clinic where later that day the village elders begged the team to return because of the area’s dire need for medical help.

The Agnes Onuoha Memorial Grace Clinic will begin in donated space offering fully staffed medical care 1-2 days a week with plans to build a more equipped medical facility. Your support is needed to fund this important project and help save many lives.

Her father, Bishop Sunday said, “Through this clinic we will see life and help young people so they may live to an old age.”

Supporters can contribute by sending memorial funds to:

Alternately, CLICK HERE to use this pledge form (we will contact you to follow up).

Through your gift of support along with the support of the medical staff and volunteers, God will be giving life to many in that region. By the creation of a Clinic in a region where there is none, your support will literally be saving lives for generations to come.

Agnes is survived by her parents as well as her younger sister Jane and brother, Issac and the many whose lives she touched with a kind word, a smile on her face, an outstretched arm and the truth of the Gospel.

I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.
— John 11:25-26

Strategic Location

Located in the Onuoha’s home village of Item, the clinic will bring medical relief to a severely underserved region of Nigeria.

Notes of Condolence

Greetings, Bishop Sunday,

Bonnie related that she was able to meet you at NRB, and then just this past week, I learned that you recently lost your daughter with Lupus, and my heart goes out to you. I lost my sister with Lupus when she was the same age as your daughter (the 4th recorded case of Lupus in the state of Colorado). This was in the early 1960’s.

She was in Denver, and I was in School at Bob Jones University in So. Carolina when my dad called and said, “If you want to see your sister again, come home right now.” I took my first airplane ride, and did arrive in time to be with her briefly.

Never shall I forget as she sat straight up in bed, reached out with both hands and cried out, “Jesus, Jesus!” My mother whispered, “Honey, what is it that you see,” and she whispered the name of Jesus once more and was gone.

“Absent from the body is at home with the Lord,” nonetheless there will always be an empty place in your heart that only Jesus can fulfill. I sorrow with you and catch myself often thinking of her in heaven.  At age 81, I’ve got more friends in heaven than earth; nonetheless, God isn’t quite finished with me just yet!

May the Lord be your strength and encourager. Hope we get to meet in person someday.

Yours and His,

Harold J. Sala Ph.D.
Founder / Chairman of the Board

Dear Rev Ugonna and Bishop Sunday

Condolences from wet London and greetings in Jesus name.

I am sorry to learn about the passing away of your dear daughter – Agnes. Having met with Bishop Onuoha at the Africa Methodist Council recently held at Nairobi in March 2019, I promised to keep in touch. Today, Bishop Ivan Abrahams was at our London Office and shared the sad news of your loss…. READ MORE…

World Methodist Evangelism extends its deepest sympathy to Rev. Ugonna and Bishop Sunday Onuoha on the death of their first daughter, Agnes Nnenna Onuoha. Bishop Sunday is a faithful member of the WME Board of Directors and is our Regional Secretary for West Africa. We have been blessed as well by Bishop Sunday’s powerful preaching and teaching at the Order of the FLAME and at Metanoia.

The death of one’s child creates a sorrow unlike any other and we pray that God will provide the comfort and strength that Ugonna and Sunday need to travel their journey of grief. We grieve as well with Agnes’ sister, Jane and brother, Isaac. Though the pain of loss carves a deep cavern in our souls, we stand with confidence knowing that our God of resurrection holds Agnes in his arms. We look forward with hope to the day when the cavern now carved by grief will be filled with joy and to the time when we will be reunited with Agnes, feasting together at the table of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

31 March 2019

Rev Ugonna, Bishop Sunday Onuoha and Family
Vision Africa

Dear Ugonna and Sunday
It is with sadness that we learnt of your dear daughter, Agnes’ death.

To say that we grieve with you for your loss as parents, and her siblings, Jane and Isaac, is putting our
feelings mildly. We cannot begin to imagine the pain of your loss as parents and siblings. READ MORE…

Agnes: Holy Gift From God

By Martha Stott

I remember Agnes as a toddler, standing on my kitchen chair, stretching and reaching for a second cookie after her father has told her, “No more.” With one arm stretching toward the plate, Agnes turned her head to look directly at Sunday.

“Sorry Daddy, sorry Daddy, sorry Daddy,” Agnes said, as her fingers closed around a second cookie.

That memory will forever make me laugh. Haven’t we all been like that, sometimes, with God, reaching for something we want, in defiance of a father who knows what is best?

The second image seared in my memory is of Agnes as a nine-year-old girl, shaking and feverish, fighting for her life in the hospital. There, too, I saw God at work, as her calm mother wiped the sweat from Agnes’s bare back. Love transcends our helplessness in the most dire circumstances.

For Agnes, access to medical care was never the issue.

For many in Nigeria who live in isolated villages, even a pharmacy is out of reach, much less basic health care.

It is fitting, then, that in honor of Agnes, Vision Africa will dedicate donations made in Agnes’s honor to fund medical care in Nigeria. Until you experience it and see it as I did on the Vision Africa 20th anniversary mission in 2017, you cannot image the poverty, the isolation, and the great need.

There is also great love there, as well. Again, love transcends our helplessness. But if there is ever a case where your donations can do great good, this is one of them. I urge those of you who love the Onuohas, who love Vision Africa, and who love to help to make your contribution today.

It will be a wonderful way to remember this wonderful holy child of God who left this earth too soon.