Agnes Onuoha Memorial Hospital

Since its inception, Vision Africa has made accessible medical care a pillar of its mission. In our early days, medical missions were combined with church plants, so that medical care was offered during the day, and revival-style church services were held in the cooler evenings.  Regular medical missions have been held every year of our ministry with a goal of reaching communities with no other healthcare options. Across Africa, quality health care is often inaccessible..  These missions focus on disease prevention and treatment, pre- and post-natal care, vision and eye health, medications, and overall well-being.

Today, those missions have grown into a state-of-the-art, 50-bed hospital scheduled to open by the fourth quarter of 2023. The Agnes Onuoha Memorial Hospital will focus on the same pillars of health as our medical missions, with the addition of emergency care. It features two surgical suites and an ambulance bay with a fully outfitted ambulance, rugged enough for remote African terrain.  The ambulance will save countless lives, especially from accident or injury, by giving access to patients who could not reach the hospital on their own. 

we’re honored to partner with Project C.U.R.E.

Project C.U.R.E has completed its on-site assessment of the needs of the Agnes Onuoha Memorial Hospital, and the assessor will now begin preparing his report and compiling a master list for procurement. Once that list has been reviewed and approved by the medical staff at AOMH, Project C.U.R.E will gather the supplies from across the U.S. and centralize them to one of its port city locations, where the provisions will be loaded into containers and shipped directly to the hospital. 

“I was personally impressed by how thorough the Project C.U.R.E assessment was,” said VA Nigeria COO Sarafina Nwokenta. “The construction team and medical committee members held meetings long into the night with (Project C.U.R.E Assessor) Brian. I’m looking forward to seeing how the collaboration between Vision Africa and Project C.U.R.E will evolve into tangible health solutions for indigent communities, especially in child and maternal care.”

VA Nigeria staff, who organized the logistics and arrangements for the assessor’s visit, report that the representative was “quite impressed” with the quality of the structural space and the professionals who were gathered to answer his questions. The AOMH medical staff were thorough in answering questions and explaining the planned workings of the hospital. The visit also included a stop at a neighboring health center in Okai, in order to give the assessor a comparison between current local medical resources and what is planned at AOMH. Emphasis was given to the deep need for infant and maternal care. 



The projected timeline for completing the report and the procurement is approximately eight months, with shipping taking two to three months and set-up another few months. This keeps AOMH on-target for its projected opening in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Construction progress continues at a steady pace at AOMH. The distinctive red roof of the structure is now complete, as is the initial electrical conduit and trunking in the building. Aluminum windows are currently being installed. During the next few months, wall plastering and floor tiling will begin simultaneously, as well as some of the ceiling work. 

While all supplies from Project C.U.R.E are donated, Vision Africa assumes all the shipping and overland transportation costs, which are quite significant in today’s market. Is God calling you to help us open the doors of AOMH? If so, please become our partner in healing and health.