Truth Tour 2018 – Friday June 29 Update and Prayer Priorities

On the Agenda: Public lecture –“Nothing but the Truth” (see below) with US Ambassador to Nigeria as keynote speaker
Pray For: Wisdom & Perspective on God’s Purposes


CLICK HERE to view a PDF of the information concerning the public lecture

We Are Thankful For

TODAY was the public lecture. Faith, government, and community came together for 4 hours to hear from all groups.

Our Truth Tour Team – some in African tribal outfits! We are heading out to the PUBLIC LECTURE with the US Ambassador to Nigeria!

The three people on the panel were Elizabeth Bashara, who came with us on the trip, and with her were a PR and marketing expert as well as a Muslim cleric and Christian bishop! It was an exciting day!

Listen to a short clip of Vision Africa’s extraordinary choir. We think you’ll enjoy hearing and watching them despite the poor recording quality!

Truth Tour 2018 – Thursday June 28 Update and Prayer Priorities

On the Agenda: Media training for pastors of other African countries
Pray For: Rejoice in a Fruitful & Joyous Experience

We Are Thankful For…

Members of the church planted a year ago in the name of Boogie Blackwell welcomed us today! Enjoy:

Representing our partner, KCBI radio — Sharon Geiger is presenting new microphones and headphones to Vision Africa radio in Nigeria!

Dedication plaque of a church we planted 21 years ago

Beautiful interior of church we planted 21 years ago

Sign outside our church plant of twenty-one years ago. Still going strong!

Truth Tour 2018 – Wednesday June 27 Update and Prayer Priorities

On the Agenda: Media training
Pray For: Wisdom & Perspective in God’s Purpose

We Are Thankful For…

Our Truth Tour team. Getting ready to visit a church that was planted 21 years ago as well as traveling to the land that was donated to Vision Africa!

We’re making news… In Nigeria!

Truth Tour 2018 – Tuesday June 26 Update and Prayer Priorities

On the Agenda: Media training / visit to orphanage
Pray For: Strength for Endurance & Perseverance

We Are Thankful For…

Radio station managers and other communication leaders learned from Sharing International and KCBI, who are Vision Africa’s media partners. Even rival radio station managers were in attendance. God was honored with the unity displayed! Praise the Lord!

Truth Tour 2018 – Monday June 25 Update and Prayer Priorities

On the Agenda: Visits to established church plants / Media training – university students
Pray For: Spiritual encouragement for the pastors and supporters

We Are Thankful For…

Church Plant

The video below is an aerial view of the Vision Africa radio station tower. It is at this facility where we have been training pastors from other African countries, university mass communication students, and Vision Africa staff on various radio and communication subjects. Please forgive the low resolution.

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