Truth Tour 2018 – Thursday June 21 EXTRA NEWS

We have this extra update for Thursday in Lagos, Nigeria….

We met today with Efferent Cares. This global health initiative tests for cervical cancer. We had a good conversation regarding potential partnership with them! On June 30, we’ll have a follow-up meeting at a clinic to interview women who have been tested and to check out the equipment!

Meeting with Efferent Cares in Lagos

Truth Tour 2018 – Thursday June 21 Update and Prayer Priorities

On the Agenda: Meeting with Efferent Cares –a global health initiative –Lagos
Pray For: Boldness & Courage as we communicate

We Are Thankful For…

Just arrived in Lagos

Tonight, one night of rest. Be sure to pray for our interaction with the global health initiative (Efferent Cares)!

First, a little spicy Nigerian food. Maybe this will combat jet lag!

Truth Tour 2018 – Wednesday June 20 Update and Prayer Priorities

On the Agenda: The team departs from U.S and Canada
Pray For: Travel Mercies, Protection from Spiritual Warfare and Government Interference

We Are Thankful For…

Richard, Elizabeth, Sharon, Bob and Arlene leaving DFW for JFK and then on to Nigeria!

20th Anniversary Overview Video

This video, produced for our 20th Anniversary celebration, provides a superb overview of our mission. It helps explain why we celebrate “A Vision Greater Than Twenty!”