Three “PEP” Steps Along The Road to Giving

Local, regional, national or international…how does your church provide opportunities for the congregation as a whole, or the individual members, to financially support faith-based ministries and spiritual initiatives that spread the word of God? Are you bogged down in the process of finding the right recipient for your gifts? Is the money actually going to where it is intended? What impact, if any, is your gift having and how do you know? Is the recipient organization representative of the culture and heart of the congregation?

There is so much need, so many individuals and groups asking for money you can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees. So where do you begin? Here are 3 easy steps to determining a path and process for directing the course of how your giving can fulfill the wishes of individual donors and even a whole congregation.

P – “P” is for Preserve. Make a list of what benevolence programs are currently in place, who heads them up and has there been any formal review or evaluation conducted recently. What level of support do they receive from individual donors, or the church overall, and is there a mechanism in place to measure results? The idea is to identify those initiatives that are in-place and viable and determine what needs to be done to sustain them.

E – “E” is for Expand. Once you have identified the existing viable programs and what is needed to sustain them, the next step is to develop a plan to Expand them into more robust versions of themselves. Select a “Development Leader or Task Force” ask them to plot a course to take these valuable, existing ministries to the next level and beyond.

P – This “P” is for Pursue. You have settled on the core beneficiaries of your giving and planned a way to expand those relationships. Now it may be time to look further over the horizon and explore new areas to focus on and direct resources toward. We would like you to prayerfully consider Vision Africa.

vision africa organization charity photo collection of ministries including guy inside radio station guy holding bible smiling woman getting her blood pressure checked and a small church planted by vision africa methodist church nigeria

For more than 20 years, Vision Africa, with the help of a gracious God and local partners like you, have brought a message of Christian salvation, medical services, peace and reconciliation to the people of Nigeria.

We are reaching out to those who feel called to make a big difference in the world and may be seeking a new way to engage with an established, respected and effective ministry. Based in Dallas, Vision Africa has a long, internationally recognized tradition of making a significant impact on the people we serve.

Currently, Vision Africa initiatives include:

  • Vision Africa Radio, LOVE 104.1 FM broadcasts 24/7 to up to 22 million people
  • Medical Missions have treated over 700,000 patients
  • More than 130 churches have been planted
  • 3,000 high-quality, leather bound study Bibles have been distributed to ordained ministers

Our prayer is that you will be interested in learning more about how individuals, youth groups, adult classes, and congregations can become meaningfully involved.

The BIBLE BRIDGE and CHURCHMD are programs whereby your donations are directed specifically to carefully defined initiatives.

BIBLE BRIDGE provides a high-quality, leather bound Bible to newly ordained ministers. These Bibles are their primary teaching and study guide and will last for many, many years.
CHURCHMD is a unique program that covers the cost of a church planting and a simultaneous roll-out of a medical mission. Spiritual and physical health go hand-in-hand, providing a path of blessings from one to the other.

Vision Africa will provide all the necessary materials, guidance and accountability reporting on how programs like these can be part of your giving plan. Please contact us today to find out more about Vision Africa.

Peace and Reconciliation

Vision Africa works toward peace and reconciliation in Nigeria

Peace and Reconciliation

In a number of ways, Vision Africa supports Peace and Reconciliation efforts and programs throughout Nigeria and west Africa. Nigeria and other parts of west Africa are vibrant and complex parts of the world that enjoys growing opportunities for social and economic advancement. Yet, like many underdeveloped and developing countries, it struggles with deeply seated tensions that plague the country’s peace and stability. These struggles offer Vision Africa rich opportunities to promote Peace and Reconciliation in a variety of forms.  Focusing on what you have in common with someone you are in conflict with and focusing on common challenges of both you and the group you are in conflict with, can often bring together groups that at first seemed irrevocably conflicted.

At the national level, Nigeria suffers historically and acutely from cultural divisions between the country’s predominantly Muslim north and the predominately Christian south. With the help of Vision Africa, Bishop Sunday has been instrumental and at the heart of the newly formed Nigerian Inter-Faith Action Association (NIFAA). The work of NIFFA follows the model mentioned above and supports cooperation between communities that focus on common challenges related to improved health for all Nigerians. Christians and Muslims work together through NIFAA to address problems such as malaria, polio, and HIV/AIDS. Such collaboration directly addresses threats to health and human safety but also provides fertile ground for positive relationship building, and that paves the way for Peace and Reconciliation.

Nigeria’s oil producing region in the Niger Delta has long suffered instability, underdevelopment, and a pervasive sense of disenfranchisement. As the source of much of the country’s wealth, many people in the Niger Delta feel left behind and some have resorted to criminality and violence. Vision Africa Radio, Love 104.1, through its daily radio broadcasts and community outreach programs, brings hope and direct support to the hurting people of the Niger Delta. Vision Africa Radio is changing the lives, softening the hearts and building the Faith of those suffering and participating in such instability. Through community based health programs as well as radio programming offering messages about good governance, healthy lifestyles, and quality news broadcasts, Vision Africa is uniquely positioned to support regional Peace and Reconciliation efforts in this strategically critical part of the country. The Vision Africa Radio signal reaches a population of more than 20 million Nigerians (almost the same population as the State of Texas, the second most populace state in the United States).

Bishop Dr. Sunday Onuoha, President and founder of Vision Africa and Executive Director of NIFAA, is broadly respected as a leader with integrity and a dedicated servant of Peace and Reconciliation in Nigeria. Formerly an advisor to Nigerian President Obasanjo and more recently selected from among the country’s top faith leaders to lead NIFAA, Bishop Onuoha actively unites Nigeria’s faith communities to pursue common goals that unify the country. Now more than ever it is important that leaders like Bishop Onuoha and organizations like Vision Africa receive support, from both inside Nigeria and from the worldwide faith community. Vision Africa and its Vision Africa Radio provide that support!

Bishop Sunday has been raised up as a world leader for collaborative faith initiatives designed to tackle broad problems throughout Nigeria (and other parts of Africa). Amongst much more, he has spoken as key panelist at the George W. Bush Summit to Save Lives in Washington DC, as well as the Child Survival Event in 2012 with introduction by Hillary Clinton. He has been interviewed on PBS Ideas in Action and most recently asked to be key panelist for the United Nations Saving One Million Lives in Nigeria. In 2013 Bishop Sunday received the Global Peace Interfaith Leadership Award from the Global Peace Foundation for his efforts in advancing interfaith collaboration, humanitarian service and peace through Vision Africa.

In November 2014, about 40 delegates from all over the world converged in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for the Global Peace Leadership Forum, and Bishop Sunday was one of the delegates invited to attend and speak at the Forum.  The purpose of the Forum was to look at how cross-community engagement and the role of faith leaders in conflict resolution could bring about Peace in Nigeria and other areas of conflict around the world (by being in Belfast, they hoped to draw upon and be inspired by the experiences that led to the end of violence in Northern Ireland in 1998). In their deliberations, they worked alongside Co-Operation Ireland, the Skainos Project, the Clonard Monastery and its Reconciliation Mission. Bishop Sunday and his program of promoting the use of mosquito nets by both Muslims and Christians in Nigeria (a program that even today saves the lives of over 300,000 people every year) was recognized as having keyed into the kind of “peace building” and relevant interfaith initiatives that leads to success.

Bishop Sunday recently spoke at and participated in a meeting of UNICEF, USAID and World Vision in Washington D.C. on how faith communities can effectively bring attention to the health needs of the people of the world.  Most recently, Bishop Sunday has been asked to moderate and speak at the World Bank co-hosted conference with USAID, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities on “Religion and Sustainable Development: Building Partnerships to End Extreme Poverty” in Washington D.C. on July 7-9, 2015

Earlier this year, Public service broadcasts on Vision Africa Radio promoted and led the Nigerian voters to peaceful and corruption free National Elections.  In a close election process between a Christian Presidential Candidate and a Muslim Presidential Candidate, Vision Africa Radio broadcasts helped inform the people of Nigeria of the legitimate nature of the election and the pledge of both candidates to a peaceful outcome.



United Nations Display of Bishop Sunday (far right) recognizing his fight against Malaria in Nigeria

Bishop Sunday’s Picture (far right) unveiled at United Nations as a Champion in the Fight Against Malaria. Also picture in the Center is His Eminence Sa’ad Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto, who is the President of Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, and at the far left is Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor who is the President of Christian Association of Nigeria.



Nigerian InterFaith Action Association

Bishop Sunday participated in Global Peace Consultation in Abuja (the Capital of Nigeria). Also pictured are John Cardinal Onaiyekan , Engr HAZAEL Anaele , John Oko the global peace country director for Nigeria, Ensu the global peace African director , and Rev John Hayab a leading Baptist pastor.


Bishop Sunday in Bauchi State for Malaria Campaign

Emir of Azara, Dr Kabiru, and Emir of Bauchi, Abubakar Suleiman, during Bishop Sunday’s visit to the Palace of Suleiman in the City of Bauchi before malaria campaign in Bauchi State (in Northeastern Nigeria)


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Bishop Sunday meeting with Muslim and other Religious Leaders to Promote Peace and Reconciliation between people of ALL FAITHS



Vision Africa at World Peace Conference

Bishop Sunday participated in and was featured speaker at World Peace Conference





Church Planting

Vision Africa helps plant churches close to the congregations

Church Planting

Our goal is to plant churches closest to people’s homes and make it easy for families to have places of worship, and eliminate people walking miles in order to worship. New and Existing Churches are promoted on Vision Africa Radio. Vision Africa has planted more than 135 churches in Nigeria. Some pastors have programming or shows on the radio. Through these efforts (often in conjunction with one of our crusades/revivals), we bring people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ or we further develop the faith of existing believers. Many Nigerians are very, very poor and feel hopeless. Many of them have nothing; they have lost or never had anything of value. Often their faith is their only hope, their only consistent possession that cannot be lost nor taken away from them. In 2014, we planted a new church in Aba, Nigeria in honor of our past Board Chair, Banquet Chair and faithful prayer warrior, Natalie Jones. Specific current efforts include:

  • Continue supporting the efforts of Methodist Church Nigeria in planting churches
  • Plant one to two new churches each year
  • Continue promoting new and existing churches and their programming on Vision Africa Radio
    Aba Nigeria Church Plant by Vision Aftica

    Banner for Crusade that was conducted in preparation for Aba Church Plant


    Local Village Chief Blesses the Planting of Vision Africa Church in his village

    Receiving the Blessing of Aba Chief to Planting of New Church in his Village

    Banner proclaiming Vision Africa's church plant in Aba, Abia State, Ngeria

    Banner in front of Church Plant in Aba (proclaiming the coming of the new church)


  • Vision Africa's recent church plant in Aba, Nigeria

    Street view of new church plant in Aba, Nigeria

  • Recent Vision Africa Church Plant

    Inside view of recent church plant in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria


    Inside View of Vision Africa Church Plant

    Another Inside View of Recent Church Plant



Blessing of a new church by the Arch Bishop

Blessing of the new church by the Arch Bishop, the local bishop, Bishop Sunday and the local pastor (also pictured are Paul Ditto, Sharon Geiger and Chuck Pollak)


Vision Africa recent Church Plant

Church Plant in Item Nigeria from previous years


Vision Africa Church Plant from Previous Years

Unfinished Church Plant from Previous Years




Bibles for Pastors

Vision Africa helps supply Bibles to pastors in Nigeria

Bibles for Pastors

Can you imagine if you went to church and there were no bibles. Can you imagine your Pastor having to plan his lesson, teach Sunday school class, deliver his sermon, and counsel his congregation all without having a copy of the Holy Scripture or access to any commentary or literature on the books of the bible. That is a reality in many Nigerian communities and churches. Many of these Pastors do not have access to Internet, libraries or any other books. Each year Vision Africa distributes 150-200 free comprehensive leather-bound Study Bibles (with commentary) to newly ordained Pastors. The joy in their eyes when they receive their new bible is beyond description. Their study/concordance bible becomes their major (or only) source of materials and information for sermons and bible study. Many times, that bible may be the only reference book in the entire village (sometimes it may be the only book in the village). Each year we receive thank you notes from Pastors that will shake you to your core.

Vision Africa Ordination of Pastors

Bishop Sunday awarding new Vision Africa Bibles to newly ordained Pastors

Vision Africa Bibles for Pastors

Vision Africa Study Bibles Being Blessed by the Prelate and Bishop Sunday


Pastors with New Bibles provided by Vision Africa

Newly Ordained Pastors with their new Bibles provided by Vision Africa



Medical Outreach

Blood Pressure Check at Vision Africa's Medical Mission Nurses Station

Medical Outreach

Prior to 2008, Vision Africa conducted 3-4 or more medical missions each year. From 2009-2011, the development of Vision Africa Radio took the lion’s share of our resources and no medical missions were undertaken. In 2012, Vision Africa returned to its roots and began conducting medical missions again. Three medical missions were conducted in 2012 and three again in 2013 (one of which was in partnership with Shell Oil Company) and three again in 2014. Christian Outreach, Revivals and Crusades are usually conducted in conjunction with each Medical Mission (although free medical care is for all). The needs in this area are so great.   At the start of 2015, we purchased and put into service our first mobile medical vehicle which will enable us to conduct mobile medical clinics this year in more rural areas. Your contributions are needed to make this a reality.   Efforts continue to combat malaria, AIDs/HIV and polio through partnerships with organizations such as Shell Oil Company and our sister organization, the Nigerian Inter-Faith Action Association (NIFAA) of which Bishop Sunday is the Executive Director. Vision Africa Radio, Love 104.1 FM, often serves as the launching pad for medical outreach initiatives, through health education programing on the radio and promotion and announcements of specific medical missions, NIFAA activities and other similar activities.


Vision Africa Mobile Medical Vehicle put into service in early 2015

Vision Africa Mobile Medical Vehicle – Enables Mobile Medical Clinics to Reach More Rural Areas

Vision Africa Medical Missions

People waiting to be seen by doctors and nurses at recent Medical Mission


Nurses Station at Vision Africa Medical Mission

Young Mother with 10 year old daughter and newborn twins being seen at one of the nurses stations



Blood Pressure Check at Vision Africa's Medical Mission Nurses Station

Another Young Mother with her children at Nurses examination station (blood pressure being checked), older woman in background is being weighed and having her height checked


Vision Africa Medical Mission Doctor Station

Young Mother with children being seen by the doctor


Pharmacy Station at Vision Africa Medical Mission

After having had history taken, vitals checked and measured and being seen by the doctor, gentleman takes RX prescribed by doctor to the Pharmacy Station



Vision Africa Medical Mission Team

Medical Mission Team


Vision Africa Optometrist Checks

Volunteer Optometrists Checking the Eyes of Patients


Doctor Stations at Vision Africa Medical Mission

Three Doctors Seeing Patients at Medical Mission















Radio Ministry

Love 104.1 FM Radio Station in Nigeria

Radio Station

Vision Africa Radio

Through Vision Africa Radio (Love – 104.1 FM) we share God’s Love. Vision Africa planned, constructed, developed and launched Vision Africa Radio, Love 104.1, in order to bring the message of hope, healing, reconciliation and education to the people of Southeastern Nigeria. Many homes may not have television or daily newspapers, but they have radios. Vision Africa Radio has been working to educate minds (especially young minds) in areas such as HIV/AIDS and malaria awareness, prevention and treatment, family values, and importance of education, as well as an emphasis on democracy, respect for others and social order. Small, solar-powered radios are being distributed to thousands of individuals to enable people to listen to Vision Africa Radio. Through the radio, young people have received media training and young talents have been encouraged to develop and air their talents. Vision Africa Radio is training college students through the radio as a channel for practical experiences.   Vision Africa is raising a new generation that will bring hope to the continent of Africa. In 2013, in the 4th Annual Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards, our radio station in Umuahia Nigeria, Love 104.1 FM, was named Station of the Year in Southeast Nigeria.

Vision Africa Radio is the hub around which all of our ministries revolve.
Specific current Efforts include:

  • Continued weekly management oversight of operations
  • Specific management, engineering, and technical consulting through 2-3 Radio Mission and Training Trips each year with volunteer media, radio management and engineering consultants
  • Continue the Upgrade of the Radio Station by connecting it to the internet so its signal and message can be broadcast to the world
  • Improve Quality of Facilities and Programming
  • Continued development of Management Departments, Sales Department, Budgets and Departmental Goals and Expectations
  • Continue Distributing Solar-Powered Radios
  • Continue Promoting Peace and Reconciliation Initiatives, Medical Missions, Crusades and Revivals on the radio
  • Bringing top station managers to the United States for short-term internships with some of the top Christian radio stations in the United States
  • Continue to broadcast the message of God’s Love 24/7!!


First stage of Vision Africa Radio's new tower

Vision Africa Radio Tower Under Construction (the begining)


Vision Africa Radio Tower Under Construction

Construction of Radio Tower (Halfway Up)


Completed Radio Tower (Vision Africa Radio)

Vision Africa’s New Radio Tower is Near Completion !!!


View from the Top (Vision Africa's Radio Tower)

Topping Out (View from the Top) of Vision Africa’s Radio Tower


Driveway Entrance to Vision Africa Radio

Driveway Entrance to Vision Africa Radio’s Compound Entrance


Main Building at Vision Africa Radio

Entrance to Vision Africa Radio’s Main Building


Vision Africa Radio DJs on the Air

Vision Africa DJ’s On the Air



Vision Africa Radio on the Air with Bishop Sunday Onuoha

Bishop Sunday and Uche (Assistant Program Manager) on the Air!


Matt Stockman with KCMS teach Vision Africa Radio Staff

KCMS’s Matt Stockman teachig Vision Africa Radio Staff at June 2012 Radio Liaison Trip


Professor Dr Chuck Pollak Teaching Vision Africa Radio Staff

Professor Dr Chuck Pollak Teachig Radio Staff at December 2012 Radio Liaison Trip


Gregg Jardine leading Vision Africa Radio Engineering Meteting

Greg Jardine leading Vision Africa Radio Engineering Staff Meeting/Training


Vision Africa Engineering Staff Meeting

Engineering Staff Meeting


Vision Africa Radio Staff Group Picture

Group picture at June 2013 Radio Liaison Trip Training Session


Radio Liaison Trip - Sharon Geiger with KCBI teaching

KCBI’s Sharon Geiger teaches radio staff at June 2014 Radio Liaison Trip


Vision Africa Radio Staff

Vision Africa Radio Staff at June 2013 Radio Liaison Trip


Station of the Year - Vision Africa Radio

Vision Africa Radio Awarded Station of the Year (Trophy)








Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Leadership Training takes many forms at Vision Africa. From organizing and broadcasting (live on the radio) debate competitions amongst schools (and debating topics of moral integrity and leadership), to training Pastors on how to concisely get their message across on the radio in short 5-10 minute broadcast segments (and assisting those Pastors in teaching values and good morals in their programming), to assisting churches in organizing promotional pieces and activities to broadcast on the radio, to campus and young people fellowship, training police and government officials how to use the media to advance their purposes and goals, and training university students majoring in radio and television. Vision Africa organizes leadership training for all these segments of Nigerian society to promote, love, peace, hope, family and individual values, good health, and most importantly the Good News.

Nigerian Pastors Trained on Effective Radio Blasts

100 Pastors Trained on June 2013 Vision Africa Radio Liaison Trip


Radio Liaisons Train State Radio Staff in Abia Nigeria

Nigerian State Radio Staff Being Trained by Vision Africa Radio Liaisons during June 2012 Radio Liaison Trip


Nigerian Pastors Training

Nigerian Pastors and Vision Africa Radio Liaison Training Conference in June 2013



Abia State University Mass Communication Students Trained by Vision Africa Radio Liaiisons

June 2014 Radio Liaison Training of 200 Mass-Communication University Students


Radio Liaisons Train 200 Radio and Television University Students in Abia State Nigeria

200 Radio and Television University Students Trained by Radio Liaisons in June 2014



University Students Receiving Lecture from KCBI's Sharon Geiger

Vision Africa Radio Liaison, Sharon Geiger (from KCBI Radio in Dallas), Speaking to University Students



University Students Being Taught by Prof Chuck Pollak at Vision Africa Radio

Radio Liaison, Chuck Pollak, Speaking to University Students



Executive Director of Vision Africa, Paul Ditto, Fielding Questions from University Students (during full day training session)

Former Executive Director of Vision Africa, Paul Ditto, Fielding Questions from University Students (during full day training session)