Come and Join the Celebration

Come and Join the Celebration

Our Vision Africa Celebration Banquet and Dinner is going to be a wonderful night celebrating the many things God has accomplished through Vision Africa this year in Nigeria, and I want to extend my personal invitation to you to attend, Thursday, October 9 at Highland Park Presbyterian Church starting at 6 PM. There are many things that will make this year’s banquet stand out as the best ever (new Venue, many accomplishments to share with you, big announcements, great entertainment, etc.), but today there is one aspect of the celebration to which I would like to bring special attention.

We are so excited that this year for the first time we are bringing two of our leading Love 104.1 FM radio personalities to the United States for you to meet. Our Station Manager and our Head of Presentations and Promotions will be here for the banquet.

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Chijioke Emmanuel Nwogu (better know as CeeJay) has been with our radio station from its inception and he has been the station manager for the last 5 years. Under his leadership, our station has become one of the best radio stations in the entire country of Nigeria. Last year we were named the best radio station in Southeast Nigeria (beating out several better funded commercial radio stations). CeeJay has previous experience with several TV stations and several other radio stations and even a newspaper. His commitment to Vision Africa Radio is a calling from God and through thick and thin he has been part of the team that God used to bring the first Christian radio station to Nigeria. CeeJay hosts one of our most popular radio shows called “Intimate Moments”, a show about marriage.

Uchemadu Ohakah (better known as Uche) grew up to be a Methodist preacher and is often addressed as ‘Pastor Yucee” by friends and on-air fans. He is the producer and presenter of several shows on our radio station, including ‘Lifelane’ (a program that offers listeners the privilege of sharing their salvation stories on air), ‘Newlife Wednesday’ (a one hour life transforming program where listeners are helped to deepen their relationship with God and are led to a personal knowledge of Christ), and ‘Dark Secrets’ (a phone-in program for emotional healing from wounds of the past). In many ways, Uche essentially functions as our assistant station manager, so his involvement in every aspect of our radio station has been key to its success.

These are two great men that are honored to be invited to attend our banquet. While they are here, they will spend a whirlwind of several days training and interning at each of three top U.S. Christian Radio Stations (KCBI radio in Dallas, KSBJ radio in Houston and KCMS radio in Seattle).

So, please join us on Thursday, October 9 to meet and welcome CeeJay and Uche to the United States. Best time to visit with them would be at the 6:00 reception that evening in Elliott Hall at Highland Park Presbyterian Church (see invitation below). Also below are a couple of pictures of CeeJay and Uche in action!!

We really appreciate your support. Thank you and God Bless.

Bishop Sunday Onuoha
Vision Africa – Founder and President

CeeJay at the Mike
CeeJayAtTheMikeThis is a picture of CeeJay in our broadcast studio in one of his many on-air opportunities. With his experience in news, radio, television, news reporting, production and his degrees in theater arts and mass communications, he can do (and does) just about anything we need off and on-air.
It was an encounter with God where he was specifically told that one day he would run and manage a gospel broadcasting company that led him to be part of the pioneer team that established a new Christian radio station in Nigeria – Vision Africa Radio, Love 104.1 FM

Uche at the Mike
UcheAtTheMikePictured here with Bishop Sunday in our recording studio, is Uche, a local boy (born and raised in Umuahia where the radio station is located) that was destined to play a prominent role in our radio station. Pastor Yucee (as he is often referred to) was born to Elder & Mrs Ama and he personally came to know the Lord in his early years as a teenager and he grew up to become a Methodist preacher. He is one of our most popular on-air personalities – born to be a live on-air minister.