Runaway inflation and the freefall of the naira are making an already precarious existence even more dire for the average Nigerian, forcing many to subsist on rice grains that are normally thrown away or fed to fish. The grains are broken, dirty, tough, and don’t taste very good, but they are the only way many poor families can eat one of the basic staples of Nigerian life. The price of a standard bag of rice has risen more than 70 percent since the middle of last year, exceeding the monthly income of many families. 

The grains are so hard that they are called in the Hausa language “afafata,” which means “battling,” because they are such a battle to both cook and eat. Women often spend hours sifting out the rock and dirt from the grains, which still don’t approach the taste and consistency of normal rice.

Nigerian woman looks at camera carrying bag of food on her head - Vision Africa.
Nigerian woman cooks meal in the early morning outside - Vision Africa.

This latest crisis makes the work of Vision Africa more urgent and crucial than ever. If you can help us provide more and better nutrition, especially for the children in group homes, please click the Donate button below and note “rice” in the comments box. A gift of only $53 will buy a bag of healthy rice that will feed a household of eight for a month. 

Nigerian children look at camera - Vision Africa.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, we ask for your intentional prayers for every person and family and child seeking a foothold for survival today.  May God make each of us vessels of His grace.

Nigerian child sings during school prayer service - Vision Africa.