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Our Devotional For Tomorrow

TOPIC: The Work of the Master

TEXT: JOHN 9:4 “I must work the work of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no man can work.”

One thing we must know about God is that He is the God of time. Time frame is always attached in every assignment given to man by God. From today’s passage, we see sense of urgency Jesus applied in carrying out His ministry while He was on earth. He knows that he does not have all the time to spend. In the same manner, God expects us to work with time in every assignment He has given to us. One of the major barriers of kingdom work is procrastination. We must also know that every man born on the surface of the earth has a specific assignment to carry out and it has to be within a specific time frame. Jesus said that night shall come when no man can work again. Therefore, face your life endeavors squarely to avoid running out of time. Your night could be death, retirement, old age, relief of office or position.

What is that assignment the Lord has given you? God expects you not to waste a single time. Face your life endeavours squarely to avoid running out of time. Time was of essence to Jesus. He faced His ministry without distractions and accomplished His assignment within 33 years of age.

ACTION PRAYER: O Lord, Father of season and time, help us and the entire Vision Africa to keep our pace in carrying out and fulfilling our divine mandate without distractions and delay in Jesus name. Amen.