How Can Your Church be a Voice for Persecuted Christians in Nigeria?

Christian believers in northern Nigeria face tremendous persecution. In a recent attack on the Dogon Noma village, eyewitnesses say that terrorists were “torching houses, shooting and hacking down anything that moved.” Nearly 100 homes were destroyed in the raid.

“At the same time,” eyewitnesses report, “mostly women and small children in Nigeria were literally slaughtered with machetes” while many of them were on their way to church or praying.

Some allege that it is a jihad. Others allege that there is a deliberate attempt to destroy and take over predominantly Christian communities in the region. However, some Muslim areas have also been attacked, raising questions about the real motives behind the violence.

We in North Texas are far from northern Nigeria, but as a ministry focused on bringing the love of God to that country, we believe that Christians here and elsewhere must do what we can to support our brothers and sisters there and help bring peace to the land and its people.

As a Christian leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you are invited to an informational luncheon with Bishop Dr. Sunday Onuoha, the founder and president of Vision Africa, to discuss the crisis in Nigeria and how we can best respond. Here are the details:

  • When: Thursday, May 23, 12:30-1:30 p.m.
  • Where: 8111 Westchester Drive, Dallas. We will meet in the main board room.
  • RSVP: Arlene Johnson, [email protected]

Vision Africa was founded by Bishop Dr. Sunday Onuoha in 1997. The ministry focuses on church planting, medical missions, prison ministry, radio, leadership development and peace and reconciliation in southern Nigeria. Dr. Onuoha’s ministry also extends to peace-building initiatives through the United Nations, the World Bank, the Global Fund and USAID. Most recently, he has been working to coordinate peace efforts and summits between faith and tribal leaders to combat persecution and stop massacres. He received the Global Peace Award in 2013. He holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Nigeria, and splits his time between the two countries. You can learn more about the ministry and Dr. Onuoha, at

Please join us on May 23 as we discuss tangible ways that DFW-area churches can support churches and believers in Nigeria.

Persecuted Church Luncheon