Vision Africa helps supply Bibles to pastors in Nigeria

Bibles for Pastors

Can you imagine if you went to church and there were no bibles. Can you imagine your Pastor having to plan his lesson, teach Sunday school class, deliver his sermon, and counsel his congregation all without having a copy of the Holy Scripture or access to any commentary or literature on the books of the bible. That is a reality in many Nigerian communities and churches. Many of these Pastors do not have access to Internet, libraries or any other books. Each year Vision Africa distributes 150-200 free comprehensive leather-bound Study Bibles (with commentary) to newly ordained Pastors. The joy in their eyes when they receive their new bible is beyond description. Their study/concordance bible becomes their major (or only) source of materials and information for sermons and bible study. Many times, that bible may be the only reference book in the entire village (sometimes it may be the only book in the village). Each year we receive thank you notes from Pastors that will shake you to your core.

Vision Africa Ordination of Pastors

Bishop Sunday awarding new Vision Africa Bibles to newly ordained Pastors

Vision Africa Bibles for Pastors

Vision Africa Study Bibles Being Blessed by the Prelate and Bishop Sunday


Pastors with New Bibles provided by Vision Africa

Newly Ordained Pastors with their new Bibles provided by Vision Africa