Vision Africa helps plant churches close to the congregations

Church Planting

Our goal is to plant churches closest to people’s homes and make it easy for families to have places of worship, and eliminate people walking miles in order to worship. New and Existing Churches are promoted on Vision Africa Radio. Vision Africa has planted more than 135 churches in Nigeria. Some pastors have programming or shows on the radio. Through these efforts (often in conjunction with one of our crusades/revivals), we bring people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ or we further develop the faith of existing believers. Many Nigerians are very, very poor and feel hopeless. Many of them have nothing; they have lost or never had anything of value. Often their faith is their only hope, their only consistent possession that cannot be lost nor taken away from them. In 2014, we planted a new church in Aba, Nigeria in honor of our past Board Chair, Banquet Chair and faithful prayer warrior, Natalie Jones. Specific current efforts include:

  • Continue supporting the efforts of Methodist Church Nigeria in planting churches
  • Plant one to two new churches each year
  • Continue promoting new and existing churches and their programming on Vision Africa Radio
    Aba Nigeria Church Plant by Vision Aftica

    Banner for Crusade that was conducted in preparation for Aba Church Plant


    Banner proclaiming Vision Africa's church plant in Aba, Abia State, Ngeria

    Banner in front of Church Plant in Aba (proclaiming the coming of the new church)


  • Vision Africa's recent church plant in Aba, Nigeria

    Street view of new church plant in Aba, Nigeria

  • Recent Vision Africa Church Plant

    Inside view of recent church plant in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria


    Inside View of Vision Africa Church Plant

    Another Inside View of Recent Church Plant




Vision Africa recent Church Plant

Church Plant in Item Nigeria from previous years


Vision Africa Church Plant from Previous Years

Unfinished Church Plant from Previous Years