Blood Pressure Check at Vision Africa's Medical Mission Nurses Station

Medical Outreach

Prior to 2008, Vision Africa conducted 3-4 or more medical missions each year. From 2009-2011, the development of Vision Africa Radio took the lion’s share of our resources and no medical missions were undertaken. In 2012, Vision Africa returned to its roots and began conducting medical missions again. Three medical missions were conducted in 2012 and three again in 2013 (one of which was in partnership with Shell Oil Company) and three again in 2014. Christian Outreach, Revivals and Crusades are usually conducted in conjunction with each Medical Mission (although free medical care is for all). The needs in this area are so great.   At the start of 2015, we purchased and put into service our first mobile medical vehicle which will enable us to conduct mobile medical clinics this year in more rural areas. Your contributions are needed to make this a reality.   Efforts continue to combat malaria, AIDs/HIV and polio through partnerships with organizations such as Shell Oil Company and our sister organization, the Nigerian Inter-Faith Action Association (NIFAA) of which Bishop Sunday is the Executive Director. Vision Africa Radio, Love 104.1 FM, often serves as the launching pad for medical outreach initiatives, through health education programing on the radio and promotion and announcements of specific medical missions, NIFAA activities and other similar activities.


Vision Africa Mobile Medical Vehicle put into service in early 2015

Vision Africa Mobile Medical Vehicle – Enables Mobile Medical Clinics to Reach More Rural Areas

Vision Africa Medical Missions

People waiting to be seen by doctors and nurses at recent Medical Mission


Nurses Station at Vision Africa Medical Mission

Young Mother with 10 year old daughter and newborn twins being seen at one of the nurses stations



Blood Pressure Check at Vision Africa's Medical Mission Nurses Station

Another Young Mother with her children at Nurses examination station (blood pressure being checked), older woman in background is being weighed and having her height checked


Vision Africa Medical Mission Doctor Station

Young Mother with children being seen by the doctor


Pharmacy Station at Vision Africa Medical Mission

After having had history taken, vitals checked and measured and being seen by the doctor, gentleman takes RX prescribed by doctor to the Pharmacy Station


Vision Africa Optometrist Checks

Volunteer Optometrists Checking the Eyes of Patients


Doctor Stations at Vision Africa Medical Mission

Three Doctors Seeing Patients at Medical Mission