Love 104.1 FM Radio Station in Nigeria

Radio Station

Vision Africa Radio

Through Vision Africa Radio (Love – 104.1 FM) we share God’s Love. Vision Africa planned, constructed, developed and launched Vision Africa Radio, Love 104.1, in order to bring the message of hope, healing, reconciliation and education to the people of Southeastern Nigeria. Many homes may not have television or daily newspapers, but they have radios. Vision Africa Radio has been working to educate minds (especially young minds) in areas such as HIV/AIDS and malaria awareness, prevention and treatment, family values, and importance of education, as well as an emphasis on democracy, respect for others and social order. Small, solar-powered radios are being distributed to thousands of individuals to enable people to listen to Vision Africa Radio. Through the radio, young people have received media training and young talents have been encouraged to develop and air their talents. Vision Africa Radio is training college students through the radio as a channel for practical experiences.   Vision Africa is raising a new generation that will bring hope to the continent of Africa. In 2013, in the 4th Annual Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards, our radio station in Umuahia Nigeria, Love 104.1 FM, was named Station of the Year in Southeast Nigeria.

Vision Africa Radio is the hub around which all of our ministries revolve.
Specific current Efforts include:

  • Continued weekly management oversight of operations
  • Specific management, engineering, and technical consulting through 2-3 Radio Mission and Training Trips each year with volunteer media, radio management and engineering consultants
  • Continue the Upgrade of the Radio Station by connecting it to the internet so its signal and message can be broadcast to the world
  • Improve Quality of Facilities and Programming
  • Continued development of Management Departments, Sales Department, Budgets and Departmental Goals and Expectations
  • Continue Distributing Solar-Powered Radios
  • Continue Promoting Peace and Reconciliation Initiatives, Medical Missions, Crusades and Revivals on the radio
  • Bringing top station managers to the United States for short-term internships with some of the top Christian radio stations in the United States
  • Continue to broadcast the message of God’s Love 24/7!!


First stage of Vision Africa Radio's new tower

Vision Africa Radio Tower Under Construction (the begining)


Vision Africa Radio Tower Under Construction

Construction of Radio Tower (Halfway Up)


Completed Radio Tower (Vision Africa Radio)

Vision Africa’s New Radio Tower is Near Completion !!!


View from the Top (Vision Africa's Radio Tower)

Topping Out (View from the Top) of Vision Africa’s Radio Tower


Driveway Entrance to Vision Africa Radio

Driveway Entrance to Vision Africa Radio’s Compound Entrance


Main Building at Vision Africa Radio

Entrance to Vision Africa Radio’s Main Building


Vision Africa Radio DJs on the Air

Vision Africa DJ’s On the Air



Vision Africa Radio on the Air with Bishop Sunday Onuoha

Bishop Sunday and Uche (Assistant Program Manager) on the Air!


Matt Stockman with KCMS teach Vision Africa Radio Staff

KCMS’s Matt Stockman teachig Vision Africa Radio Staff at June 2012 Radio Liaison Trip


Professor Dr Chuck Pollak Teaching Vision Africa Radio Staff

Professor Dr Chuck Pollak Teachig Radio Staff at December 2012 Radio Liaison Trip


Gregg Jardine leading Vision Africa Radio Engineering Meteting

Greg Jardine leading Vision Africa Radio Engineering Staff Meeting/Training


Vision Africa Engineering Staff Meeting

Engineering Staff Meeting


Radio Liaison Trip - Sharon Geiger with KCBI teaching

KCBI’s Sharon Geiger teaches radio staff at June 2014 Radio Liaison Trip


Station of the Year - Vision Africa Radio

Vision Africa Radio Awarded Station of the Year (Trophy)