Vision Africa’s Ten Year Goals

We are striving to:

  • Develop the Vision Africa Center for Missions and Medical Missions
  • Maintain and improve Vision Africa Radio to reach an even broader audience with educational programming
  • Develop partnerships between Vision Africa and other organizations to alleviate human suffering in Africa
  • Improve the conditions of orphans in Africa
  • Continue planting new churches
  • Provide the authentic gospel that nourishes soul, mind and body.

While Vision Africa is working toward sustainable development and sharing the gospel with other Africans, international friends can assist in many ways. The current financial plight of Africa and the need for capacity building require outside financial aid and materials including medical supplies. Prayer support is needed. Volunteers who can take goodwill trips with Vision Africa are sought to assist with leadership and discipleship training, preaching, establishing new churches, counseling, manual labor and other services. Medical teams work to bring God’s love through the gift of modern medicine in areas where even the most basic medicines and treatments are not available locally. If you are interested in helping through prayer, donations of money or medicines or participating in a medical mission trip, please contact us.