VA Founder and President Bishop Dr. Sunday Onuoha will speak in February at the National Religious Broadcasters’ 80th anniversary convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

On February 20, Bishop Sunday will be one of only three speakers at the “Great Commission Forum,” which is intended to help U.S. media professionals discover what God is doing around the world over the airwaves and how they might partner with ministries like ours to expand their own reach. Bishop Sunday will share specific examples of how radio programming on Love 104.1FM has been a beacon for God and an educational service to listeners.

On February 24, Bishop Sunday will also be a panel member for “The Church Around the World,” to present a strong, up-front view from media leaders on the ground in Africa, India, Turkey, and Latin America. Bishop will highlight VA radio’s fight to eradicate malaria through life-saving educational programming.

Please join us in praying for Bishop to be a vessel of God’s grace and wisdom that helps further God’s kingdom through radio.

Nigerian child sings during school prayer service - Vision Africa.


The holiday season brought renewed opportunity for Vision Africa to share God’s love and celebrate the birth of Jesus through service. A children’s Christmas party drew 453 youngsters together for a meal, entertainment, and small gifts.

VA staff also visited an orphanage in the village of Uzuokoli, bringing practical gifts of comfort and offering prayer and fellowship to the children.  


Our nearly completed hospital, The Agnes Onuoha Memorial Hospital, became the site of a medical mission that served 192 patients, nearly half of whom were suffering from malaria.

Two physicians and eight Registered Nurses also treated pregnant women, the elderly, and infants, many of whom were experiencing malnutrition. Villagers received free medical tests, diagnoses, and medicines for simple ailments in addition to education on managing chronic conditions, and locally available infant foods to supplement breastfeeding.

Utilizing spaces that will transform into the reception area, emergency room, and clinic dispensary, AOMH became for the first time an indoor haven for medical care. Thanks be to God and to you, our faithful supporters.

Vision Africa volunteer nurses at Agnes Onuoha Memorial Hospital in Nigeria


As a resurgence in violence and security issues grips parts of Nigeria, Bishop Sunday requests our renewed prayers for peace in the country and for wisdom and determination for political leaders as they seek ways to guide the country to a time of unity.