Our Photos and Reports from Today

Sunday was a day of church plants/dedications. We hope to have some photos of that as soon as Internet connections allow. In the meantime, please view the photos below (taken at earlier, similar events) and let them suggest to you how you can be praying for this part of our mission. Medical Missions open the door to the revivals and preaching that we are now engaged in.

Our Devotional For Tomorrow

TOPIC: The Secret of Success

TEXT: GENESIS 39:2 “The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.”

Virtually, everyone desires to be successful. To be successful does not really depend on how much you have or the amount of property you have acquired. To be successful is all about living God’s purpose for your life and maintaining a cordial relationship with God. The secret of Joseph’s success in his master’s house was because God was with him. Joseph enjoyed God’s ever abiding presence wherever he goes. Joseph was equally a successful man even when he went to prison (29:19-23). The major thing that attracts God’s presence and success in one’s life is purity and holy living. Joseph refused to defile himself with his master’s wife. He chose to remain holy no matter what it may cost him. Eventually, it cost him his job and his freedom, but in the end God exalted him to the prominent place of authority and power in Egypt.

For you to prosper and be successful like Joseph, you need to cleanse yourself and live a holy life. Your environment may want to contaminate you and make you to be away from God as He is holy and cannot behold iniquity. There is no other way to Divine success except to live holy and maintain a close walk with God, even in the midst of trials and temptations. It is a matter of self-determination as we can learn from the life of Joseph.

ACTION PRAYER: Almighty God and Father, our life is in your hand, and as you have placed our future before us, a team of Vision Africa, it is our earnest prayer that you grant us success in all we do as we live to please you in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen.