Our Photos and Reports from Today

Saturday and Sunday, we were making our way home to the United States. One group went through Frankfurt, Germany, a second group through London, and a third group through Amsterdam. We will be sharing stories in the coming weeks!

Our Devotional Today

TOPIC: Reward for Kingdom Service

TEXT: MATTHEW 19:27 “Then Peter answered and said to Him, See, we have left all and followed you. Therefore what shall we have?

It is normal for one to ask what he will gain in return when he is engaged to work in any firm or organization. When the rich young man left because Jesus asked him to go and sell what he has then come and follow him, Peter who had already left his profession along other disciples stood before Jesus to ask what should be their reward for abandoning all to follow Him. In reply, Jesus pointed out two major rewards in Matthew 19:28-29 : (1) Hundredfold gain of whatever one might have forfeited at the cost of following Jesus and (2) Eternal life.

God is not unjust not to reward everyone according to his or her work. The Lord says, “…Behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.”This is God’s promise. He will surely pay back. One thing we must do is to serve God faithfully without reservation. Rt. Rev. Dr. Sunday Onuoha said “I don’t teach God’s people, especially the minister’s success in the ministry, but I teach and emphasize faithfulness in the ministry because by faithfulness you gain the reward of success in ministry.” I want to believe that somebody like Judas Iscariot like other disciples left all to follow Jesus but still he was not successful in the ministry because he was not faithful to his calling.

What is that you have left for the sake of this kingdom service? Just remain faithful to your calling for God will surely reward you a hundred fold in due time and with eternal life on the last day. Jesus left His wonderful place in heaven and after fulfilling His mission, He went back more gloriously than He came. Praise God!

ACTION PRAYER: Father, thank you for making me part of your kingdom service. By your mercy and favour, reward us in hundred fold in everything we have lost at the cost of following. Most importantly, Lord, grant us eternal life on the last day in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.