Details of the 2019 Trip to Nigeria

From Arlene Johnson, Executive Director – [email protected]

Welcome to Vision Africa’s Mission Travel page


  • Mission Trip Travelers – departing Dallas on 6/18 and returning on 6/28
  • Media Institute Trainers – departing on 6/20 and returning 6/28

Mission Trip Travelers – Arlene Johnson can book your flights. However, if you want to book your own flight, use Delta airlines’ flight numbers below so everyone will arrive in Lagos at the same time.

  • Delta Flight # DL0032 leaving Dallas on 6/18 to Atlanta; Leaves Atlanta on Delta Flight # DL0054 to Lagos.
  • Delta Flight # DL0055 leaving Lagos on 6/28 to Atlanta; leaves Atlanta to Dallas on Delta # DL2310

We will spend one night in Lagos and fly out to Umuahia early the next morning on June 20th

Your investment – $4k (approx. $2K for travel and $2K in the country)

In-country expenses – after the flight is paid for, the remaining is used for the two hotels,  food, and transportation (bus and in-country flights).

Money – Bring US money ONLY for personal shopping.  Do NOT exchange your US dollars for Naira in the States.  Bishop will give you Naira in exchange for your US dollars at a better rate in Nigeria for however much you want to exchange.  If you do not use the whole amount, you can change it back to US dollars before you leave.

What you will need:

  • US Passport – must be current 12 month and up
  • Visa to Nigeria – Arlene Johnson will help you get one.  Need at least 4-6 weeks to process.  Arlene will need 2 passport photos and your passport to begin by no later than May 1st.
  • Vaccinations – Yellow fever is required. The other vaccinations are optional. Please refer to this resource to find locations where you can get your vaccinations:  Dallas County Health and Human Services.


  • Vision Africa Radio – you will observe the training of university students, staff, government officials, other media outlets and Pastors from other African countries, all of whom will be attending the training
  • Medical Missions – you can work with doctors and nurses. We will have 4 medical mission locations
  • Evening revivals – are held where the churches will be. You will see many come to Christ and who will join the congregation of the new church plants
  • Church Planting – this happens on the Sunday we are there. There will be 4 church plants, and each will be dedicated to 4 major donors
  • Orphanage Ministry – Bishop Sunday will arrange for you to visit the kids
  • Prison Ministry – we will see if we can visit the Prison – Bishop will decide

June Climate & Weather Averages in Abia

  • High Temp: 85 °F
  • Low Temp: 75 °F
  • Mean Temp: 80 °F
  • Precipitation: 7.86″
  • Humidity: 87%

Clothing – comfortable and layered. Bishop prefers that women wear skirts or dresses

Internet access – you will have internet access at Vision Africa’s Radio Station and at the hotel

Q & A

  1. There will be air-conditioning at the Radio station, hotel, restaurants and buses
  2. The hotel accommodation is somewhat similar to what we are used to in the States. The difference is that you will have your own air-conditioning unit. You will have to turn the water heater on when you want to use the bath.
  3. Security will be provided wherever we travel. Some will be in plain clothes and the rest will be in uniform.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email Arlene Johnson  – Executive Director at [email protected]

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