Vision Africa Truth Tour 2018

June 20 – July 6, 2018

Truth Tour Theme: Nothing But The Truth

The aim of this June 2018 outreach is to seek the truth that will develop the Body, Mind and Soul in order to build a stable development in Nigeria.

The Above Will Be Achieved Through

A. Medical Outreach
Will offer free medical clinics in four locations; provide free medicine

B. Church Planting
Will plant four churches with local partnering

C. Revival/Preaching
Crusades in four locations with choirs and local evangelists for two nights each

D. Public Lecture (Live Radio Broadcast over the internet)
Panel discussion and speech led by US Ambassador

E. Media training
Six days of classes for local and international Christian radio leaders as well as university students led by Chuck Pollack, Sharon Geiger and other radio team members

F. Radio Engineering training
Part of radio training classes led by US radio engineers

G. Storytelling – Videography and Photography
Film team will interview local radio listeners to bring back stories

H. Prayers and Bible Study
Each mission team member will participate in devotionals and study

I. We will be flexible and in the Hands of the Holy Spirit

Team Members

Bishop Dr. Sunday N Onuoha
President/Founder of Vision Africa

Thomas Leiser
Chairman, Vision Africa Board

Arlene Johnson
Executive Director, Vision Africa

Robert E Howard
Vision Africa Board Member

Hudson Leiser

Chris Beyrooty

Elizabeth Bashara
Communication and PR

Richard Woods
Vision Africa Champion

Professor Chuck Pollak
Radio Engineering Expert

Greg Jardine
Broadcast Engineering Consultant

Sharon Geiger
KCBI Radio Trainer

David Pundt
Broadcast Lecturer

Itinerary & Prayer Priorities

Through Wednesday, June 20

The team departs from U.S and Canada
Travel Mercies, Protection from Spiritual Warfare and Government Interference

Thursday, June 21

Meeting with Efferent Cares –a global health initiative – Lagos
Boldness & Courage as we communicate

Fri / Sat, June 22 -23

Media training & strategy / Medical & Evangelism outreach – Umuahia
Demonstrate God’s love in word & deed

Sunday, June 24

4 church plants & donor dedications
Understanding God’s Grace, Assurance & Protection for the church

Monday, June 25

Visits to established church plants / Media training – university students
Spiritual encouragement for the pastors and supporters

Tuesday, June 26

Media training / visit to orphanage
Strength for Endurance & Perseverance

Wednesday, June 27

Media training
Wisdom & Perspective in God’s Purpose

Thursday, June 28

Media training for pastors of other African countries
Rejoice in a Fruitful & Joyous Experience

Friday, June 29

Public lecture –“Nothing but the Truth” with US Ambassador to Nigeria as keynote speaker
Wisdom & Perspective on God’s Purposes

June 30 to July 6

Return to US and Canada
Safe Travels & Praise to the Lord

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Additional Resources

Click here to listen to Vision Africa Radio (Love – 104.1 FM) 24/7, especially on the 29th when you’ll be able to hear the PUBLIC LECTURE and hear the US Ambassador speak.

Use the Crusade invitation below to invest time praying for that event June 22-24.