Social Media in the 21st Century: A New Way to “Follow Me”

When Jesus gave us His command to “follow me,” he obviously was not talking about his accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. It’s hard to imagine Jesus sending a “tweet” or posting a photo of the latest happenings in Heaven–unless it’s a sketch on “Saturday Night Live.”  Nevertheless, the power of social media can be a conduit for not only following Christ but sharing His love and living out his command to share the good news and serve others.  In this issue, we offer you a glimpse of some of the ways Vision Africa is sharing God’s love through the power of social media. Follow us at the links below!

Vision Africa Facebook | Vision Africa Instagram | Vision Africa YouTube

Nigerian woman looks at camera carrying bag of food on her head - Vision Africa.

Live on the Links

Our marketing partners at The Wander Studio will be posting live updates at the Vision Africa Golf Tournament, which is just one week away on Tuesday, May 7. If you can’t be with us at Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, be sure to check out our posts online to see the fun and fellowship and to support our ministry and sponsors. These live posts are a way for all our friends to participate in the camaraderie of the day, so we encourage you to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe next year, we’ll see you on the course!

Are YOU on YouTube?

Did you know that Vision Africa has a YouTube channel? If you’re not a subscriber yet, come join the fun! Our YouTube page is gaining subscribers in places across the globe and is especially popular among women. Our video short about water has gotten over 2,300 views since its publication on International Women’s Day in early March. It also gained us four new subscribers in one day! There are videos and shorts featuring many of the myriad aspects of our ministry, so what are you waiting for?  Click the link below and become a subscriber today!  It’s free!

Vision Africa YouTube

Summer Sun and Solar Radios

This summer we will be blessed to partner with Galcom International, a Canadian firm providing technical equipment for communicating the Gospel worldwide, in a campaign to provide solar-powered radios to homes without access to broadcasting. The radios will be distributed in November at the Vision Africa ICONs singing competition and the 20th anniversary celebration of Vision Africa radio. All the radios distributed will be hard-wired to Vision Africa radio, LOVE 104.1 FM, where God’s love is shared every day. Watch our newsletter (sign up on our contact page) and our socials for more information in the coming months!