AOMH: What God Hath Wroght

If you follow this newsletter regularly, you know already that “AOMH” stands for the Agnes Onuoha Memorial Hospital, named for our founder’s daughter, who passed away in 2019 from complications of Lupus at just 23 years of age. Just by lending her name to a major building and medical facility, Agnes has already left a legacy of hope and empowerment to women across Nigeria. However, the larger goal of AOMH is to bring life-saving medical care to an area where none exists and to make a special impact on the grim statistics of maternal and infant mortality. 

Maternal mortality rates in Nigeria are among the highest in the world at 560 deaths per every 1,000 live births, according to data from UNICEF. That means that over half of pregnant mothers who deliver babies die from complications of childbirth. In addition, 74 of every 1,000 babies will die in infancy, and 117 more will die before age five. With a focus on prenatal care, healthy delivery, and post-natal care, AOMH dreams of lowering those odds for thousands of women and children in rural southeastern Nigeria.

Great strides have been made in completing AOMH and providing the essential supplies needed to equip it. But we are not yet at the finish line. Additional funds are needed to complete construction, to provide secure sources of energy and access to the internet, and to acquire needed technology such as x-ray and diagnostic equipment. Every gift of any amount helps, for just as Jesus fed the multitudes with five loaves and two fishes, so He can use our collective gifts to bring medical care to tens of thousands. 

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